1972 FIAT 130 Pininfarina Coupe
CapmWoody's 2004 Project

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Plastic bag over driver's window is because it will not roll up without a battery, not yet installed.

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It's a big car.  It seems about the same size as the Mercedes 450 SLC.  Maybe even bigger.
Body is very straight and the doors close with a real solid sound.

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A little rust here and there, but nothing to bad. 

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The interior is more UV damaged than dirty or worn.

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The carpet can easily be cleaned and used again.  Seats will have to be recovered.

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I sat in the driver's seat and the car felt very comfortable.  Not the typical knees in your face driving position.   Instruments look very good with no clouding of the glass.  Wood is in good condition but the steering wheel is
real dorky.
And believe it or not, the dash is cracked.  (Fiat inside joke)

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The velour is everywhere, seats, door panels, trim.  Quality of build and stitching is very nice.

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The worst rust is on the hood.  It is pretty bad but can be repaired.  The original headlights which are exclusive to the 130 coupe have been replaced with quad rectangular ones.  I have obtained an original headlight for one side and continue to look for one for the other side. Original headlights are wide enough to go all the way to the textured grill and almost line up with the creases in the hood.  Very wide lights.  About as wide as three of the rectangular lights on the car now.

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The roof is covered with surface rust but there are no rust through areas on the car except on the hood.

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There is a small chip and crack in the windshield that's covered by the passenger side wiper.

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Tripple Carb Setup on Another 130Engine compartment is not oily and seems to be intact with little jury rigging.  The single carb looks kind of silly sitting atop the big 3.2 liter V6.  It should have triple carbs like the picture on the right.   The picture below shows the hard to find factory headlights.
Super Wide Factory Headlights

I won't get much time to work on it until some time later in the year (2004), but
I'll keep this page up to date about the progress as I work to put it back in presentable condition.
If you have any information on the 130, please contact me at fiat130@capm-woody.com

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