1980  Audio  5000
"It was the BEST of cars..........It was the WORST of cars"

What can I say that Charles Dickens hasn't already said...... This car caused me more aggrivation than all the others cars I've ever owned combined.  But when it was right, it was fantastic.  Give me a good running Audi over a Mercedes any day.  The trick to staying happy with your Audi is to have a good mechanic that specializes in Audis.  When a knowledgeable Audi mechanic serviced the car it stayed fixed for long periods of time.  But within 18 months of when the mechanic moved away, it went downhill to the point that I had to get rid of it.  No one else could keep it running. This car left me stranded so many times I lost count.  It is very lucky that I am not a violent man.

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