1976 Lancia Scorpion

This '76 was my daily driver for about 7 years.  It was very reliable.  
It only left me stranded once that I can remember.  The bolt holding the cam pulley came loose
and the timing belt slipped off.  Only bent one valve.  
It had quite a bit of rust scattered all over the car, but still looked pretty good.  
As I started to repair the rust, it had splotches of gray primer all over,
which gave it an urban camouflage look.  Really mean lookin'.  

The most impressive thing about the car was the way it tracked in the rain.  
It had the same tires (Pirrelli P77) as my Audi 5000 and on water puddles, the Audi felt a little slippery.  
The Scorpion would blast down the same road/same conditions as if on rails.  
I used it to tow the Audi home a couple of times.  

I installed headers and dual exhaust system from Caribou Imports.  
I also got a white fabric top from them which looked great and was a lot cooler than the black one.  

The interior was a ratty dark red when I got it. I redid it in bright red with black carped.  
The gray  interior trim pieces were painted black, so it was red and black inside and white and black outside.

This last picture is not my Scorpion but I've included it because
my interior was exactly the same except that it had black carpet.

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