1973 Fiat 124 Coupe

This '73 was a non-running credit union repo.  I saw an ad in the local paper and went to check it out.  I offered $250 for it, if it would start.  They gave me the key and I spent a couple of hours in their parking lot trying to get it started.  After two hours in the hot Florida sun with only a couple of sputters, I said to it (you have to talk to Italian cars or they won't run right) "Alright asshole, if you don't start this time you're going to the crusher."  I turned the key and it fired right up and after a few blips of the throttle, settled down to a smooth idle.  
I drove it home the next day.


It ran fine and the body was in good shape, but the black interior was trashed.  
I replace it with a tan interior from another car and painted it Candy Apple Red.  It was stunning.  

    This Ugly Duckling was transformed into this beauty.....

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