Still raining and foggy when we reach the Riverside Marina at Catskill.  
By now the run off is starting to flow into the Hudson bringing with it logs, docks,
navigational markers and even whole trees.  

Debris caught under some of the docks and had to be removed before it carried the dock away.


The local video store rented us movies to watch until the weather cleared and we explored the town.  
For places to hang out, we recommend the Firehouse Tavern and the Southern Rock Cafe.


After the rain stopped, the mast was lowered and lashed to the deck for the trip through the locks
and the port engine was removed for repairs.


With the work out of the way we took off to explore the surrounding area.  
We tried to get to the Saugerties Lighthouse but the river was so high the path was flooded.  


We had lunch at the Tinker Street Cafe in Woodstock, stopped at the world's largest kaleidoscope (which is closed on Tuesday), and ended up back in Woodstock at the Landau Grill.  Then to the Buddhist monastery in the hills above the town.


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