Miami Beach to Catskill, New York



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Catatonic, a 34 foot Endeavour Catamaran left the Miami Beach Marina on May, 29, sailing due east into the Gulf Stream and then heading north.  About 10 miles out the current was running at 3.5 knots.  Added to our boat speed of 7 knots, we were making 10.5 knots over the ground (several thousand feet below us).  It was a little rough at times, but we stayed in the stream for three days, all the way to Winyah Bay just northeast of Charleston, S.C. when the weather took a turn for the worse and we took shelter in the ICW.



Everyone faired well during the offshore passage with minimal effects of mal de mer.  Reehs, "The Kid" did very well.  At just under two years old, this was his first offshore experience and he took it all in stride.  It took a lot of everyone's energy to keep an adult hand on him anytime he was out of the cabin, but when the going got rough, he had no more trouble than the rest of us.  The idea is to get him used to the motion of the sea early, so he won't be prone of motion sickness in the future.  


Reehs spent his time divided between sleep, Tele-Tubbies and adult laps.  Mostly Tele-Tubbies.


Side trips on shore kept us from getting bored.   In the Carolinas we stopped at Cape Fear, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort, Oriental and Belhaven.


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