From Norfolk to Atlantic City
we stayed within 3 or 4 miles of the beach.  The wind was out of the north so we needed some protection from the ocean waves.  Being so close to shore, we had something to look at all day.  Between Manasquan inlet and the New York Harbour entrance, we caught a rather large striped bass.  I thought that was big until I saw pictures of 40 pounders. 


The weather had been deteriorating since Atlantic City and by the time we got into New York Harbour it was cold and rainy.  We anchored here for the night and motored up the Hudson the next day.


Just north of West Point, a familiar sight came cruising down the Hudson.  Werner Jessen's "Zuleika",  headed for Maine.  The one and only G-Force 44 trimaran.  
The very boat I helped build several years ago.  She looked good.  

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