If They Only Knew

Watching planes land at the airport might not be high on your list of things to do while in the islands, but this is no ordinary airport.  The famed Alaskan bush pilots have got nothing on these guys.  Imagine skimming the top of a mountain, just a few feet off the ground, then taking a nose dive to the valley floor, pulling up just in time to avoid crashing into the runway, then slamming on the brakes to avoid going over the seawall and into the bay.  

 Fortunately, the passenges can only look out the side windows and don't get to see  what the pilot does.  The planes come so close, it seems as though you can almost jump up and touch the landing gear as they pass over head.  Bring a bottle of Champagne and toast the new arrivals as they stare at you in shock, wondering why the plane is still going down so steep. 

After you get tired of waiting for the seemingly inevitable crash that never comes, you might want to go after bigger game on some of the larger islands.  Imagine one of these guys parting your hair down the middle.

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