Welcome to Charleston

Charleston is the only MUST STOP city on our travels.  The church steeple on the left is our landmark. Just a few steps down the hill from the church is Tommy Condon's Irish Pub where we always stop for a Guinness, Murphy's, Boddington's, etc.  It just sets the tone for our exploration of the city.  And what a wonderful city it is.  It is without a doubt, our favorite.  It's steeped in history and is as beautiful as any city can be.  We have spent hours and hours on each stop just walking the streets and alleyways.  It's a fascinating town.  Everywhere you turn are alleys and courtyards barely visible from the street just begging you to explore.  Big wide porches upstairs and downstairs with indoor-outdoor furniture, the sweet smell of jasmin and honeysuckle in the air.....What a civilized way to live.  I just can't say enough about Charleston.  


Charleston's mass transit system is a fleet of delightful trolleys that take you just about anywhere you might want to go.  Harris Teeter's,  is on the route. We always get provisions at Teeter's. My favorite grocery store. After we had loaded up the shopping cart with provisions, Dianne went in search of a pay phone so she could call a cab.  Just as Teresa and I got through the checkout, Dianne announces that our ride is waiting.  (I'm thinking, wow, that was fast. The cab must have been right outside the store.)  So we walk outside and ......well,   click here.