Yep, Dianne had talked a limo driver on break to give us a ride back to the marina.

D  and  Me   T  and  D

Dianne is one of those special people who can strike up an interesting conversation with a telephone pole.  The poor limo driver didn't have a chance.  When she's around, anything can happen, and usually does.  We quickly load the groceries and hop inside.  Wow !  I had never ridden in a real limo before. So here we are, cruising the streets of Charleston in a super stretch limo, moon roof open, we're taking turns standing up and waving to the people on the street.  Hey,  looky here.  There's wine glasses in the console.  Let's uncork one of those bottles of wine ! WoooHooooooooooo.   : )   : )   : ) 

We were hoping that some of the people from the other cruising boats would be there to see us arrive, but at that hour, most cruisers are either asleep or sitting at the bar.  We thanked the driver, tipped him more than the cab fare would have been and hauled all the supplies back to the boat.

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