Charleston  To  St. Augustine

We had been motoring almost constantly since we left the New York, but when Dianne came aboard, things changed.  She brought the wind with her and all three days that she was with us we had good wind from favorable directions.  I set the main and screacher when we left the Charleston City Marina and headed out into the bay.  As we passed out of the windshadow of the city the boat accelerated rapidly.  At 12 knots boat speed, we were at Ft. Sumpter in no time at all. We dropped the big headsail, unfurled the jib and headed out into the Atlantic. Wind was behind us and the waves were pretty big.  The Maine Cat surfed and surfed and surfed for hour after hour.  It was a fast and glorious ride.

SC to FL map  
The fair winds continued all day and late in the afternoon we sail right up to our anchorage behind Hilton Head Island, our first no-motor day.  

The next morning we sailed back into the Atlantic and continued our southward trek.  It was to be another wonderful day of sailing but not quite as fast as the previous day.  We sailed through the shrimping fleet, and onward to Jekyl Island, where we once again were able to sail into the anchorage without any "artificial" assistance.  Two days of continuous sailing............FINALLY !  

As the sun goes down and the boat gently swings on the anchor, CapmWoody enjoys some of the Ipswich Ale that we picked up before leaving Gloucester.

Next morning we sailed out of the anchorage once again and headed for St. Augustine.  It was another great day, and late that afternoon we sailed right up to the marina.  Our speed through the water was about 7 knots, but it looked like we were approaching the drawbridge bridge a lot faster than that.  The current was with us and flowing very rapidly.  I glanced down at the GPS and found we were doing 10 knots over the ground.  We shot through the bridge, dropped sail and motored to the city marina for the night.  Good food and good brew are available right across the street from the marina at A1A Ale Works.


Dianne's husband Dean, veteran of other CapmWoody cruises, joined us along with their son Ian.  
As Dean and CapmWoody enjoy the last of the Ipswich Ale,  Ian is on the foredeck holding up the full moon.

Dianne leaves us at St. Augustine and drives back home with her family, taking the favorable winds with her.
We won't raise the sails again for several days.

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