St. Augustine to Lake Okeechobee

Just before we left St. Augustine we heard that a pre-dawn shuttle launch was scheduled for the next morning.  We wouldn't be nearly as close as we were on the "Maribo" trawlercat cruise, but shuttle launches are always great to watch.  Anyway, what else is there to do at 5 am?  To make up for the late start from St. Augustine, we keep running until after 10 pm, find an anchorage in Ormond Beach and set the alarm for 5am.  

Right on schedule, we look to the south to see this streak of fire headed for Earth orbit.  It was a long time before we heard any sound.  We were still in darkness and the shuttle's altitude was in sunlight, so we could clearly see the two rocket engines separate and fall back to Earth, tumbling through the sunrise. It was quite a show.  What do you do when the highlight of the day is over at 5:30 am?  

Yet another day of motoring and we found ourselves anchored just south of Cocoa enjoying another sunset.

The wind kept blowing out of the south, so we stayed in the ICW all the way to Boca Grande on Florida's west coast. We took the Okeechobee Waterway and were able to do some very relaxing light air sailing once we go into the lake, anchoring just off Pahokee on the southeastern shore.  From there it was just a short run across the lake to Clewiston, where we were to meet up with Sid and Judy.


The Maine Cat has a wonderful shower on the transom steps, so on the way across the lake, CapmWoody takes his last shower aboard the Double Standard.  As we approach the western shore we pass a sand bar full of white pelicans, and lots of small boats with people feeding the fish.

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