Stonington, Connecticut to The Verrazano Narrows

We sailed out of Stonington at first light and headed down Long Island Sound.  It was chilly, but a good day for sailing.  We made it into Bridgeport that afternoon.  As we found out, Bridgeport is not exactly the best place for a cruising yacht, but we met some very nice locals who drove us to a laundromat next door to a really great pizza place.  

At first light we were on our way.  The sailing was good, and got better as the day progressed.  Just as we were coming into the East River, we found ourselves running before a 22 knot breeze.  It was our first time in so much wind and the boat handled extremely well.  We were soon scooting along at an effortless 9 to 10 knots, so Theresa took the helm while I got out the video camera.  As we rounded a bend in the river and started reaching along, our speed began to climb.  Theresa began to get a little nervous as the wind piped up to 26 knots and the spray started to fly, but before long she was doing that familiar catamaran scream of exhilaration as we sailed beyond 12 knots.  We were impressed with the boat and felt completely under control.  We blasted along for about 30 minutes.  The closer we got to New York City, the lighter the winds became and by Manhattan we were motoring again.

I expected to see more boats on the water but traffic was very light.  We motored on under the
Brooklyn Bridge, into New York's upper harbor and continued on toward the Verrazano Narrows.

We had hoped to get to Sandy Hook by dark, but the wind was under 10 knots from dead astern.
Low on fuel and without a spinnaker, we couldn't make enough speed to get there until well after dark.
We decided to hang a right after passing under the Narrows Bridge and parked for the night.


It turned out to be a very nice anchorage.  It wasn't near as choppy as the upper harbor,
and the view was quite nice........if you like urban settings.


So far, the only meals on board had been soups and sandwiches.  It was still pretty cold and we needed a hot meal, so Theresa whipped up a wonderful batch of spaghetti while I carefully opened a delicious bottle of Merlot.


Then it was "lights out".  First light comes pretty early.

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