Albemarle Sound

The Albemarle is known for rough sailing conditions and it lived up to its reputation today.  Winds steadily built to 30 knots out of the northwest.  


Theresa sailed with Werner and Linda on Zuleika today and was amazed at how smooth she sailed.  We had no problems on the trawler, but we could see that Zuleika's 27 foot beam gave her a lot more stability. On the other hand, we were toasty warm in the full cockpit enclosure.  They were obviously not.


It started out easy with 15 knot winds.


By the time we were half way across, the wind was blowing 30 knots.


 During a jibe, Zuleika's mainsail got caught in the toping lift and ripped the sail.


No more sailing today, but at least Theresa got to sail on the only big boat I actually built.


Ripped sails are all part of the game when it comes to sailing.  
It's just a few more bucks in the pockets of the sail maker.

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