The Atlantic  Ocean


Theresa, striking a familiar pose as we motor down the Cape Fear River.


Werner wasn't interested in doing any overnighters on the ocean, so we left Zuleika at Southport Marina about 2pm and headed out Cape Fear Inlet into the Atlantic.  Destination....Charleston.



At sea, sunrises and sunsets become occasions to be celebrated.


Some time during the early evening hours we get a good extended forecast and decide not to stop in Charleston and head straight to St. Augustine, a distance of about 250 miles.  The 40 hour trip will keep us at sea for two nights.


At night there is little to see.  After the moon sets you've got the stars, stereo and radar.  


 After a long night, sunrise begins another glorious day on mother earth.  




Fred was up most of the night.  As he slept, we had visitors.  A group of 20 or more dolphins stayed with us for about 30 minutes before continuing on their way.



The boats out here get pretty big.  Fred and I discuss the G7 and the Lewinski case.


Our last sunset at sea.  The sky is clear, we look for the flash of doesn't come.

Next stop,  St. Augustine.

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