Florida's Space Coast  


As usual, we were up before the sun , but today was different.  We were on our way to find the best spot to watch the shuttle launch.  It was John Glenn Day.


Along the way we saw people getting ready to watch the blast off.  The folks in the picture on the left had the best idea.  We stopped at the Titusville Marina to get fuel and found ourselves tied up next to John Glenn's boat.  So we took a picture.  Later we'd be taking pictures of his rocket ship.  (Wonder where he keeps his car?  Maybe we could get a picture of his dog.)



By the time we arrived (11am), there were already lots of boats in the anchorage and the aquatic tailgate party had begun.  The anchorage is located between the bridge at Titusville and the bridge at Addison Point....and it is huge.  There's easily enough room for thousands of boats.  



We saw a group of multihulls anchored near each other and went over to check them out.  There was another Endeavourcat that looked like "Joyeaux", a boat we had sailed many times, so we motored over to say hello.  As it turns out, it was "Joyeaux", renamed "Miss Grace".  Charlie and Joanie and their friends Gary and Diana had been there since the night before.  Charlie and Joanie Molyneaux had just bought it and were on their way home to Charleston.   


They are full-time liveaboards and are obviously very comfortable.


We rafted up, popped opened a few beers, enjoyed Diana's fresh guacamole and waited for the show to begin.  A private plane buzzed the anchorage and put the whole show on hold for about 15 minutes.  Once the choppers chased him away, the countdown resumed.


All I can say is, you really gotta be there.



After the launch, traffic was bumper-to-bumper for hours.  The draw bridges would not be opening for 90 minutes after the launch, but this time we were in a power boat and didn't have to wait for the bridges.  As soon as we were ready, we were on our way.


That night during dinner, we had a very special visitor.

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