CapmWoody on the Farm

Demonstrating the State-of-the-Art in Agricultural Technology

The winters are long and cold in Florida's far north, but the day finally arrived to start the much anticipated spring garden.  CapmWoody  has researched the latest technology from the High Priest of Things That Come Up From the Ground, known locally as the County Extension Agent.  A new Lamborghini tractor was way out of our budget, so we opted for the next best thing. A locally produced farming device called Mr. Mule.

This clever little device has many advantages.  First of all it is completely non-polluting. It uses only organic fuel, like carrots, turnips, catfish and the occasional hamburger and beer.  The fuel is loaded through the mouth of the users.  Mr. Mule is also user friendly.  There are no instruction booklets needed since its operation is quite intuitive.  Most people can have it operating in a matter of minutes. Others can figure it out in a few hours.  

Here, CapmWoody and his son Dale demonstrate how simple this ingenious device is to operate.  After the earth moving is done, you simply insert the seeds into the trench that was just unearthed and cover them back up with the very same earth you just removed, as demonstrated by Theresa operating another device called the "Ho".

Theoretically, food should start popping up out of the ground in a matter of weeks.
Sounds dubious to me, but we'll see.  Stranger things have happened......


CapmWoody was so impressed with its potential that he has bought the production rights to Mr. Mule and intends to go public next year.  Stock options are available for anyone who spends a full day working on the farm........As an additional bonus , you also get all the mushrooms you can eat from the cow pasture (in season).  

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