The Winter Garden

When we first moved back to Florida's far north country in June of '99 it was too late and too hot to get the garden going. In late September we cut the weeds and prepared the soil by hand in a small corner of the garden to planted the winter vegetables....turnips, mustard greens, collard greens, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflour and vidalia onions.  Granny had not been able to plant a garden for several years, and I had not had one in probably 20 years, so this was quite an event for all of us.  Granny was convinced that we needed lots of help operating the garden implements.  The turnips and mustard greens were broadcast.  The rest were planted in rows except the cabbage and collards were planted in the flower bed in the front yard.  (Ya know yer a redkneck when ya got collard greens growin' in the front yard).  Everything did well except the cabbage and the cauliflour. We didn't grow tomatoes but picked them at a local farm after the commercial pickers had already gone through.  At $3 for a five gallon bucket, it was quite a deal.  After our success with the winter garden, we were all looking forward to the planting the spring garden. 

We wanted to plant the whole garden in the spring, but it was far too big to be tilled by hand.  
We had to find a better way before we could cultivate the whole thing.
Hence the search for modern, labor saving devices began.

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