The 1986 Stiletto Nationals

This video is different from all the other Stiletto videos.  Depending on what you're looking for, it's either the best one or its the worst.  The 1986 video has some of the best footage for watching the boats tack and maneuver   It is not a slickly produced video like the others.  In fact, it is not really produced at all.  It's just some great shots of the boats jockeying for position as they make their way around the race course.  The conditions for shooting video were not good.  It was either foggy, rainy or overcast for the whole time. But if you're looking for great examples of how to tack these boats on a dime, following Ron Tucker's "One-Up" as they do one perfect tack after another is an education in itself.


The Races                        Foggy Day                   Party Time

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