CapmWoody knows video production in the marine environment
There's no need to explain the basics to us.  Our decades of experience on the water gives us a better understanding of the unique needs of the marine industry.  No matter how technical the subject, if it concerns boats, chances are we're already on top of it.  

CapmWoody has been producing independent videos for about 15 years.  Prior to that he worked in the television broadcasting industry for more years than he cares to admit.  He has been sailing nearly all his life and is actually more comfortable on the water than he is on land.  His experience permits him to anticipate potential problems that others might miss, not to mention his ability to get steady shots in rough water.  

Why have someone shoot your video who has little or no expereince working on boats.  It's all second nature to CapmWoody.  He can concentrate on the video and not be distracted.

As of 1998, all of our video is shot with digital video cameras, loaded into the computer as data files and edited while still in digital format.  Then it's output directly to video tape, so every copy is the same as the original.  The digital revolution in video allows us to offer cost effective videos that will "knock your socks off".

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